I'd Rather Be Stalking Collection

While we find it funny, "I'd Rather Be Stalking" is perhaps our most offensive and politically incorrect t-shirt, tank, sweatshirt, and hoodie design collection yet.

If you believe that the media hysteria decrying an alleged "stalking epidemic" has gone a bit too far; if you have no problem with offending people who could use some offending; if you are willing to risk being sent to counseling by your HR Department, or expelled from school; if you are the type of person who is prepared to throw themselves on the grenade for the cause of freedom; if you understand that this design has little to do with any actual stalking, but a lot to do with sticking it to the self-appointed culture guardians who believe that "Freedom from Offense" is a Constitutional right, then this is the right casual apparel for you.

The "I'd Rather Be Stalking" design is available on crew-neck and v-neck tees, long-sleeve t-shirts, tanks, sweatshirts, and pullover hoodies for men and women in a complete range of sizes and colors.